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Places You Can Visit When in Surfer’s Paradise in Palm Beach, FL

Summary: Palm Beach Florida is a 14 mile long island founded by Henry Flagler at the turn of the last century. The island is known for wealth and extravagance, and some of the opulent homes in Palm Beach, FL, were homes to some of the biggest names in America. The Kennedy’s, the Rockefellers, and even Bernie Murdof all owned houses here. The most expensive houses in the US can also be found on this small island too.

Palm-Beach Expensive escorts


Serene Crystal Beaches

The main thing that this island is known for is its beaches. Most beaches have a laid back feel to them that makes the experience calm and serene. It is also known for beaches with shallow crystal blue waters and white sandy beaches.

There are many picnic sites, barbeque pits, where you can enjoy a range of other activities besides basking and strolling on the beach. Many of these beaches have safe playground for kids, where they can play as you enjoy the crystal clear waters, which are warm all year round.

Golf Course Resorts

The island has golf courses that serve the many affluent residents of Palm Beach. Given the clients that frequent there, you can only expect high end golf courses. Some of the golf courses are open to the public. Since the island is long and small, almost all golf courses are close to the ocean. This means breathtaking views.

Palm Beach has a wide range of exotic marine life, which will be enjoyed by anyone who likes nature. You could take a break from the beach strolls and go visit the Gumbo Limbo center. There are tanks and a hardwood forest with different species that you could explore while still here. There are many bird sanctuaries and botanical gardens that nature lovers could visit.

Another place you cannot afford to miss is the Lake Worth Lagoon. The lagoon is the home of several exotic marine species. Through the lagoon are crystal blue waters, where you stand a good chance to spot snook, sea trout, redfish, and many other marine wildlife.

In Palm Beach, you can choose to experience the marine life either over the water or by diving. There are walk boards all round the island set up by some of the resorts. You can also opt to go scuba diving and experience the marine wildlife up close. Kayaking is the third option, where a trained guide will ensure he takes you round to the spots where you are likely to see all the rare species.


Food and Wine Festival


One of the things that make a trip or vacation complete is indulging the taste buds in exotic cuisines from different places and cultures. Florida will let you experience a range of cuisines through the Food festivals. These festivals are often attended by the top chefs across the country. There is also a wine tasting event that happens alongside the food festival. You can enjoy wine or tropical drinks as you relax watching the breathtaking view from one of the resorts in Palm Beach.

There are a number of other places you can visit when in Palm Beach, FL. The Henry Flagler museum is a popular stop for most people. This is the home of the founder of this island. There high end malls that caters for different types of shoppers. There are many other activities that will leave you with oodles of excitement and the urge to go back to South Florida.



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