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The Other Side of Paris- City of Violence and Crime

Summary: Paris has made it to the top of tourist sites globally. In fact, people like giving it the name “city of Love.” However, with all the charms it holds, there are also some dark undertones to its name. You cannot rule out coming across crime incidences or violence, as you enjoy your day.

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Paris is a beautiful city with world-class tourist sites, where people dream of visiting. Millions of people fly in to France for romantic getaways and family holidays every year. However, with all the charms that the city holds, there are still some setbacks just like any other tourist destination. It has its dark undertones, with some people calling it the city of violence. You are advised to know where to go, what time to be there, and the tips you should employ.

Is There Crime And Violence In Paris?

Good question. On average, France is considered safe and non-violent, but it wouldn’t be a surprise to encounter unwelcoming incidences, were you get robbed off your valuables, or face violence. Majority of crimes here are directed against visitors and involve residential break-ins, pick-pocketing, and other forms of violence. This happens in areas that are highly congested, which include major tourist sites such as museums, train stations, monuments, subways, and even airports.

Crimes directed to visitors are basically crimes of opportunity, and sometimes they can involve violence. They also can happen at wee hours of night at the streets. Just like in any other major city, people especially women should exercise caution, when they go out to unfamiliar places. They should ensure they are accompanied by trusted companions in order to be safe. You can opt to use a licensed Paris taxi that is professionally operated.

Violent crimes have also been reported in areas that are depressed economically. There have been high incidences of “smash and grab” thefts, where thieves on motorcycles or on foot approach your vehicle and grab your pulse or any other valuable item, and when you resist they become violent before fleeing. Just to be safe, keep your cars windows up, doors locked, and you valuables always out of sight.

Which Locations You Should Exercise Extra Caution

Paris is a big city with numerous tourists’ destinations. In terms of crime and violence, not all the sights will pose danger to you. According to the authorities, as well as other travel advisories there are areas that you need to exercise extra caution when visiting.

First, at the rail link from the famous Charles de Gaulle Airport all the way to the city centre, you are prone to come across many pickpockets, who target wallets, purses, small electronic devices, as well as smartphones. You may want to use one of the express buses or even a shutter service. Most of the targets happen at the Metro Line 1, where the thieves use schemes to distract and rob you.

There are similar incidences that occur in some of the major department stores. These include: Printemps, Galeries Lafayette, and Le Bon Marche. These places require you to leave your passport, wallet, and credit card at the cashier during a transaction.

The Eiffel tower and Louvre Museum are also not left out, when it comes to crime and violence. You will see thieves using crowded elevators at the tower, and escalators at the museum to mask their activities. There have also been incidences where tourists are assaulted, in addition to being robbed near metro stations that are less utilized. Be careful when going to areas around Pigalle, which is an adult entertaining place

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